Buckets Fishing Charters

Founded in 1996

Buckets Fishing Charters in Erie, PA was founded in 1996 by Captain Dan Kelly.  Captain  Dan is a mechanic by trade, but is employed as a home inspector, when  he's not at the helm of his Viking. In 2005 his daughter Sara Nicole was  born and in 2015 Salvatore Natale was born. They combined will be the  next generation of Buckets Charters. 

Life Long Experience on Lake Erie

 Captain Dan  Kelly started fishing in Pennsylvania with his Uncle Vic when he was old  enough to hold a fishing rod.  He fished various Pennsylvania hotspots  like the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers as well as other local  lakes and streams throughout the state. Captain Dan started fishing on  Lake Erie in 1988 with his 10th grade math teacher as incentive to do  better in school. That’s started it all. 

Passing Along Lake Erie to Future Generations

 Since the  days of being a First mate, to trying to make it big in the charter  Business, Capt Kurt & Capt Dan have spent these last years building  this Lake Erie charter business in Erie, PA and hopefully we can make it  a second generation and beyond operation. I again thank all our repeat  clients, some since the very first year of operation and I look forward  to showing new ones why Lake Erie Pennsylvinia is the freshwater fishing  capital of the world...